Der Brockhaus Atlas

Verlag Brockhaus Lepzig

Full title

Der Brockhaus Atlas: die Welt in Bild und Karte. 670 Erdkunde- Geschichts- und Sonderkarten, 840 Bilder sowie Namenverzeichnis

Extremely hard-to-find issue of otherwise rather commonly seen "Der Neue Brockhaus Atlas", consisting of 670 maps, charts and graphs, 840 black and white photos, and 176 pages of name directory. What it lacks in size, it makes up in thicknes. It presents huge ammount of geographical, statistical, physical and historical data from all parts of the world as well as many interesting landscape and urban photos of the time. Some oh the photos show the german NSDAP "nazi" party and few of them even display Adolf Hitler. The atlas is divied into three major parts; the first presents the whole world as general in maps, charts and graphs; second part consists of maps, charts and photos of different regions; the third part is devoted to maps of historical periods of time. This atlas is very comprehensive source of information about the whole world just before the beginning of the World War II.


Complete, in very good condition, only one or two pages are loose. Virtualy no marks or scratches on the book cover and spine. The atlas also includes an original cardboard sleeve. This atlas comes with its own custom made archive box made of hard carton paper which protects it from accidental physical damage, dust and sun rays and makes it easier for you to store your precious collectibles.

670 pages of maps, charts, diagrams and photos
Width × Height
17.0 × 25.5
Total map area
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