Atlas of Florida

Erwin Raisz
University of Florida Press

Full title

‘A picture says more than a thousand words.’ - this old chinese proverb could be the main motto of this atlas.

This is third and last atlas designed by Erwin Raisz, who once emigrated from his Hometown Levoča (now in Slovakia, formerly in Hungary). His unique, descriptive and graphic-oriented style is undoubtly present in this atlas at it's best. The Atlas of Florida aims to deliver to it's user complete and comprehensive overview of the state of Florida in a graphical form. It beautifully and richly covers many topics like geography, history, geology, traffic, fauna & flora, education, sports, recreation and many other.

This atlas was published 20 years after Raisz's first atlas, The Atlas of Global Geography.


Spine cover is missing (which is very usual for this atlas), also a foldable map attahced to back cover on the inside of the book is missing too. Title page has some light brown spoting. The statistical chart before the title page is browned to a certain degree.

80 pages with maps, charts and diagrams
Width × Height
38 x 26 cm
Total map area
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