Universal Taschen Atlas

A. L. Hickmann
G. Freytag & Berndt, Wien und Leipzig

Full title

Geographisch-Statistischer Universal Taschen Atlas

This wonderful antique pocket atlas from Austria comprises of a broad variety of maps, charts, statistical tables and other data. It begins with a textual part describing topics like planets, Earths seas, lakes, rivers, human races, nationalities and languages, followed by an overview of all countries containing information about the chief ruler of the country (incl. a dynasty), area of the country in sq. km., population, list of main cities and their population, currency and main products of the industry or agriculture.

The maps and charts section with total 64 sheets (incl. 3 foldout maps) begins with several maps of stars and planets, followed by physical maps of the world and the overview of highest mountains and ocean depths, maps and charts about worlds population, human races and languages, religions, political/transport map of the world, chart of population growth, colonies, flags, national coat of arms, national expenses and incomes per capita, national debt, schools, industrial and agricultural production, chart of railway transport, ship production, capacity of ports and many other charts and tables. Several pages are dedicated to showing coins of main world currencies. The colourful geographical maps spread across the second half of this atlas are understandably a little bit lagged behind and are mainly focusing on Europe.


Very good condition with almost no imperfections besides the text part being partially detached from the binding (which can be easily repaired).

64 double pages of maps, charts and tables
Width × Height
17,5 x 10
Total map area
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