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Justus Perthes' Taschen-Atlanten

Justus Perthes

Full title

See Atlas; Taschen-Atlas vom Deutschen Reich; Atlas Antiquus; Geschichts-Atlas; Staatsbürger-Atlas

Justus Perthes Tashen Atlanten (Justus Perthes Pocket Atlases) were a set of pocket atlases published by Justus Perthes and sold in an original leather box with the name of the set imprinted in gold letters. Justus Perthes realised the potential for publishing of pocket atlases after it was confronted with a pocket atlas published by Arnz Publishing house in 1836, which boldly stated it was a "minified version of Stieler".

Justus Perthes began selling pocket atlases in boxes with 5 and later also 6 atlases in late 19th century. The set of 5 atlases cost 12 Marks, the individual volumes cost between 2 to 2.6 german Marks. Just for comparison, the exclusive leather bound version of 10th edition of Stielers Handatlas cost 42 Marks. To this day, unfortunately only very few boxes survived, and complete sets including the leather box are very rare.

The set of 5 included following atlases:

Justus Perthes See Atlas

By collectors one of the most valued pocket atlases by Justus Perthes, with sea charts of ocean currents, celestial maps, maps of the world's most important harbour entrances and more. In 1944, at the peak times of the World war, the publisher begun selling an expanded version of the atlas containing maps of historical naval battles, profiles of the battle sips and other teaching material which in overall promoted the German Navy and was meant to persuade young audience to join the service.

Justus Perthes Taschen-Atlas vom Deutschen Reich

Atlas of the German Empire was one made from maps of Germany for the Stielers atlas. The plates were reproduced using the electrotype process and cut into smaller segments. Publishing of this atlas continued until 1966.

Justus Perthes Atlas Antiquus

Pocket atlas of the Antique World was rather popular and was continuously published until 1961 and it was published in several foreign editions. It contained maps of the Old world (Orbis terrarum, Ptolemaei Orbis, Tabula Peutingeriana), maps of important historical regions (Persia, Palestine, Greece, Italy, Turkey, North Africa) and maps of the most important historical metropoles (Athens, Rome, Alexandria, Olympia, Carthago and others).

Justus Perthes Geschichts-Atlas

Encompassing historical maps spanning from the early Middle Ages to the present, this atlas extended chronologically beyond the Atlas Antiquus. Its coverage predominantly featured Europe and included a marginal representation of North Africa. The majority of maps within the atlas were dedicated to illustrating political boundaries across various historical periods, with one map specifically dedicated to ocean expeditions and discoveries. The atlas also provided a comprehensive chronological list of the most significant historical events on more than 6

Justus Perthes Staatsbürger-Atlas

Among the less frequently encountered atlases in the series, the 'Citizens Atlas' stands out as particularly intriguing. This atlas offered extensive maps covering administrative, electoral, jurisdictional, and military districts. It also included thematic maps showcasing nationalities, religious demographics, transportation and commerce regions, as well as maps detailing schools and banks. The discontinuation of this atlas after the First World War was likely prompted by the necessity for a thorough revision, given the significant and dramatic changes that transpired in Germany in 1918.

The set with 6 atlases contained also 'Justus Perthes Tashen-Atlas', a general reference atlas of the world with 24 maps.

Atlases from this box were published between 1904 and 1907, but publishing of later editions atlases continued (often times with growing number of maps) way after the Second World War.


The box lid has some tears and repairs, the leather is torn at the joint but the lid is still attached to the box by a fabric. Atlases are mostly in very good condition, only Atlas of the German Reich has split book block (actually very common issue with these pocket atlases). None of the atlases has any loose pages. Overall atlases are rather well preserved and have less than average signs of use.

96 double-page maps in 5 atlases
Width × Height
10 x 17,3
Total map area
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