The Reader's Digest Great World Atlas

Frank Debenham
The Reader's Digest Association

Full title

From the center of the Earth to the outermost limits of the space

If this Atlas is new in its manner of presenting geographically the facts about Earth and life and space, it is also new in another way: it offers many pointers towards the exploration of the future which lies before us.

The atlas itself consists of three main parts. The first part - The Face of the World - which shows the world as the authors thought it would be seen from around hundred miles above the Earth.

Next comes the map section called Countries of the World. Towns and cities, rivers and railways clearly shown on a relief map.

Third - and the most interesting - comes the section called "The World as we know it" - summarizing diverse knowledge of mankind acquired by dozens of generations, covering 20 different topics from space, the Earth's structure and treasures and oceans, worlds fauna to geographical facts about human mankind (religion, food, history of mankind and others). The last and also one of the most charming thematic page shows 6 views of the world from 6 different points of view.


Very Good. Virtually no signs of use. Pages clean. Binding firm. The top and bottom of spine slightly rubbed (see pictures).

180 pages
Width × Height
39 x 27
Total map area
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