The World-Wide Atlas of Modern Geography

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The World-Wide Atlas of Modern Geography Political and Physical, Containing One Hundred and Twenty-Eight Plates and Complete Index With an Introduction by J. Scott Keltie, , LL.D., Etc, Sixth Edition

Although not very large with "only" 128 single page maps in general, the 6th edition of World-Wide Atlas of Modern Geography is one of the most charmingly looking atlases I've seen. The front cover is a masterpiece, showing spherical map of the Eastern (old) hemisphere accompanied by thematic prints in each corner (animals on top and people on the bottom).

Several pages are devoted to city maps and maps of urban regions. There are usually 2-4 city plans per page, only the map of London takes one full page.

Also worth mentioning is the 20 pages long preface, describing "the most important geographical discoveries, and greater territorial changes to which States have been subjected". This is very valuable source of information for collectors trying to estimate their maps or globes.

The book starts with one page of flags, and one page called Time of Nations - showing difference in time between cities. The London time is set to Noon, it is 12:20 p.m. in Amsterdam, 12:50 p.m. in Rome and 14:02 in St. Petersbourg).

The first map is a map of Arctic regions, with marks of the latest developments in exploration by Nansen in 1896 and Abruzzi in 1900 (reaching 86°33'). The North pole is still waiting to be conquered around 5 years after this atlas is published. Next there are 2 world maps, one in spherical / physical (accompanied by highest mountains and longest rivers) and the other mercator / political, with great focus on the British Empire and its dominions, telegraph cables and sailing distances in miles. UK and Ireland take 14 pages together, India 6 pages, USA 7 pages.

The maps are all very clear and legible, also sometimes due to the lack of proper shading of relief or elevation, which has been on much higher degree in German atlases.

The atlas also has an index, with around 70 000 names.


Very neat (and rare) condition. All pages intact, mild browning on the edges. Minor scuffs on top and bottom of spine, otherwise spine without damage.

128 pages of maps
Width × Height
31,5 x 25,5
Total map area
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