Letts's Popular Atlas - Foreign

Letts, Son & Co. Limited

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Letts's Popular Atlas being a Complete Series of Maps, Delineating the Whole Surface of the Globe with Special and Original Features, and Copious Index of 23,000 Names; Foreign

This atlas is part of the series of three volumes called Letts's Popular Atlas, which was also published as one large volume in the "plano" format as "Complete" edition of Letts's Popular Atlas. Perhaps one of the most distinctive features of this atlas is the representation of the eastern part of the United States on the same scale as maps of the European kingdoms presented in the third volume. Such uniformity of scale of the maps of Europe and US in one atlas is very rare in both European and perhaps also American atlases. Just as in the other volumes from the series, the maps feature  British consulates, vice-consulates and consular agents, important lights and lighthouses, area and population information, tables with volume of principle trade export and import between various countries and British Empire, including the character of the goods.

Three largest cities of the US at the time of publishing (New York, Boston and Philadelphia) are presented on separate sheets. New York, taking two full sheets, is showing Manhattan being already connected with Brooklyn by a Brooklyn bridge, which had been opened the same year as the atlas was published. All city maps show main district divisions, railways, tram lines and ferries. The public buildings are numbered and also listed on the side of the maps. Maps of Boston and Philadelphia show concentric quarter mile or mile circles from the city centre.

The atlas ends with 6 beautiful star maps, showing elaborate illustrations of the constellations, accompanied by a text and a list of constellations and their right ascension and declination coordinates.


Very good condition overall. Title page yellowed and with stamp and light pencil marks in corners. Title page, list of maps and the first map are detached from the binding but staying together in one piece. Paper sticker with a registration number on the spine. Very neat copy in general with very little signs of use.

40 double page maps
Width × Height
22,5 x 36,5
Total map area
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