Stories of Old

E. L. Hoskyn, Illustrations by L. Tennant
Adam and Charles Black, London

Full title

Stories of Old by E.L. Hoskyn, B.A. (Lond.) author of "Pictures of British History". Containing Twelve Full-Page Illustrations in Colour by L. Tennant

A rare illustrated children's book with 12 historical stories, written by E. L. Hoskyn, accompanied by 12 allegorical maps by talented illustrator Lilian (Lancaster) Tennant, one of the most famous cartographic caricaturist born in 1852 in London. Tennant begun her caricaturist career at the age of 15 when she created twelve illustrations for William Harvey's 'Geographical Fun'. The colourful cartographic illustrations from Stories of Old are listed the book as follows:

  1. England - St Georges wins the Victory over the Dragon
  2. Wales - King Edward shows the first Prince of Wales to the People
  3. Scotland - Robert Bruce watches the Spider
  4. Ireland - St Patrick commands all the Reptiles to leave Ireland
  5. France - Joan the Maid hears the Heavenly Voices
  6. Russia - His Mother strives to protect the little Tsar Peter
  7. Belgium - The Horse Bayard saves the Sons of Aymon
  8. Holland - The Stork-Mother shelters her Little Ones in the burning City
  9. Germany - The Children follow the Pied Piper
  10. Scandinavia - Thor hurls his Hammer at the Sleeping Giant
  11. Iceland - The Raven guides Floke across the Great Sea
  12. Denmark - The Elf-King guards the Danish Coasts


Cover slightly age toned/soiled, binding strong, text pages evenly yellowed, all pages present and attached to binding except illustration #2 - Wales, which is loose.

12 allegorical maps
Width × Height
18 x 23,5
Total map area
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