Letts's Popular Atlas - Europe

Letts, Son & Co. Limited

Full title

Letts's Popular Atlas being a Complete Series of Maps, Delineating the Whole Surface of the Globe with Special and Original Features, and Copious Index of 23,000 Names; Europe

This is a third and last volume of the series of Letts's "Popular" atlases, devoted to the oldest continent. The maps of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and part of Norway and Sweden are presented on the same scale. The author claims that the atlas can almost be called "Consular" as this is the first time that an atlas portrays all places where the British Empire is officially represented. Other notable features of the maps include lights and lighthouses, information about population, starting points of river navigation.

One of the key features are large scale city plans of the key capitals of Europe with Paris (like London in the first volume) claiming 2 full sheets and its environs another one. Most of the cities maps also contain a list of public buildings and railway and tramway lines.

Another notable feature especially valuable for commerce oriented audience are tables with statistical data showing totals of the value of the export and import trade, but also a character of the goods themselves, forming a complete picture about the amount of trade between the British Empire and the rest of Europe.

The name index mentioned on the title page was most likely published in a separate volume. Besides this 3 volume series, a more frequently found "Complete" version of this atlas bound in "plano" format, containg 156 maps, has been published at the same time.

For more info about the second volume of the series, see Letts's Popular Atlas - Foreign.


Very good condition overall. Title page yellowed and with stamp and light pencil marks in corners. Paper sticker with a registration number on the spine. Otherwise very neat copy with very little signs of use.

40 double page maps
Width × Height
22,5 x 36,5
Total map area
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