War Atlas for Americans

Published for Council on Books in Wartime by Simon and Schuster, New York

Full title

War Atlas for Americans. Prepared with the Assistance of the Office of War Information

"So far as we know this is the first book of its kind, integrating as it does, maps and text in an effort to explain to everyday reader the past, present and possible future of the war." - this is how the atlas is described in the preface by the Council of Books in Wartime - an organization of publishers of general (Trade) Books, Librarians and Booksellers.

Almost overnight, the nation has become map-conscious. This atlas is designed to deliver an acceptable substitute to globes, which provide most acurate shapes, sizes and distances, but are dificult to handle and expensive. Most of the maps in this atlas are drawn in ortgraphic projection, and sometimes in an unusual angle (rather than the common south-north orientation). This is almost a rule in the atlas "Look at the World", not coincidentaly published the same year.

This real-like representation ow world is also present at the Atlas of Global Geography by Erwin Raisz, with richer and more colorful maps.

The content of this atlas book is divided in 8 chapters:


Good condition. Book cover slitly decoloured on top and bottom, otherwise with only little bit rubbed and bumped corners. Binding still rather solid. Front endpapers stained along the hinges, otherwise clean, although browned papers.

80 pages of maps and text
Width × Height
37 x 29,5 cm
Total map area
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