Sohr-Berghaus Handatlas

F. K. Handtke
Verlag von Carl FLemming. Glogau

Full title

Sohr-Berghaus Hand-Atlas über alle Theile der Erde. Neu bearbeitet von F. Handtke. Achte vermehrte und verbesserte Auflage. Ausgabe in 100 Blättern nebst selbständigem ausführlichem Ortsverzeichniss

8th (and last complete) edition of Sohr Berghaus Handatlas. Large german Sohr-Berghaus Hand-atlas (dated to 1888-1892), weighing over 6 kg, with exactly 100 wonderfully detailed and coloured litography maps on very thick, cardboard like paper sheets. A beautiful example of superb world-class german cartography of the late 19th century. It is valued for the very detailed maps of middle Europe, especially German Empire and Austria-Hungary monarchy.

Sohr-Berghaus Hand-Atlas was one of the leading german large-scale world atlases at that time along with Stielers and Andrees "Hand-Atlases". From these three Sohr-Berghaus is probably the hardest one to find for sale and especially in a good condition.


The spine and book cover is very solid and has only minor scuffs, no tears. Front and back cover have only light stains as seen on photos. About 5 maps are loose, map number 30 (Bohemia) torn in half and has some small damage on the left edge.. Most of the pages are very neat and clean with virtualy no marks at all. First few maps have some fingermarks on edges. Stamp an some light pencil drawings on title page. This atlas comes with its own custom made archive box made of hard carton paper which protects it from accidental physical damage, dust and sun rays and makes it easier for you to store your precious collectibles.

Width × Height
26.5 × 41.0
Total map area
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