Berliner Mond-Atlas

Adolf Voigt; Hans Giebler

Full title

Berliner Mond Atlas in 107 fotografischen Blättern; Fotografie und Zusammenstellung A. Voigt und H. Giebler; herausgegeben von Den Vilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte Berlin

A set of photographs of the Moon in different phases taken from 1964 to 1967.

The idea of ​​photographing the moon in all phases arose from the observation practice of the group of Berlin moon observers at the Wilhelm Foerster observatory in Berlin. The Bamberg refractor of the observatory (12-inch telescope) turned out to be the ideal instrument with its focal length of 5 m, which focally displayed the moon at a size of 5 cm. Adolf Voigt built a camera for 6x6cm roll film that could be attached to the telescope and thus captured the entire moon image. The use of yellow-orange and red filters made it possible to reduce the brightness of the sky. In collaboration with Hans Giebler, Voigt was able to record a total of 31 phases of the moon between 1964 and 1969 and compile them in the Berlin moon atlas, which depicts the phases of the moon with their shape changes progressing from day to day. It starts with the moon age of 1.9 days and ends with the moon age of 27.9 days. It thus covers almost an entire lunation. With its phases reaching down to the narrowest crescent moon, the atlas not only makes it easier to recognize individual objects, but also to follow the constant changes in the view of the moon formations caused by the changing incidence of light.

Each photograph is numbered and contains following information on the back -  moon phase, illuminated area, latitude and longitude and the date when the photo was made. The photographs measure 21 x 21 cm.


Box contains 105 photographs (2 are missing). box slightly scuffed on edges, otherwise in good condition. Photographs are without signs of use.

105 photogrpahs (instead of 107)
Width × Height
22,3 x 22,3
Total map area
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