Atlas Republiky Československé

Václav Jan Láska, Jaroslav Pantoflíček
Česká akademie věd a umění, Praha

Full title

Atlas Republiky Československé - Atlas de la République Tchécoslovaque

This uniqe and very large atlas is the very first national atlas of Czechoslovakia and is also considered as one of the first modern national atlases. It has been published in between the WWI and WW2 - the golden era of Czechoslovakian nation called "The First Republic". After the country gained independence from Austria-Hungarian monarchy it became a nationwide interest to publish great geographic and statistical atlas ojectively and precisely presenting the nation's current state of society and economy. It took more than 5 years to collect all the necessary data before the works on this atlas could have begun and then another 6 years to publish it, also due to fact there hasn't been any similar atlas to be inspired by until it was almost completely prepared.

The atlas is written in Czech and French language and contains 55 large double-page geographical and statistical maps of all aspect from geography, geology, climate, society, culture, industry, agriculture, , transport, economy, national and international trade, and much more. Ther is also a separate 37 pages of text  acompanying the maps at the end of this atlas.

This atlas is a precedessor to Atlas of Czechoslovakian Socialistic Republic published in 1966.


Good condition, front cover slightly stained on the right center, otherwise quite clean, paint from 2 white letters on front cover is pealing off, letters on the spine are faded (this seems to be quite usual for this atlas), hinges cracked, pages are super clean and neat, spine is solid.

55 large douple-page maps
Width × Height
45 x 43,5
Total map area
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