Atlas Československé Socialistické Republiky

Jindřich Svoboda, Bohumil Stehlík
Československá akademie věd and Ústřední správa geodézie a kartografie

Full title

Atlas Československé Socialistické Republiky

This is one of the largest statistical national atlases made in 20th century. It containes 57 large, complex and scientific maps presenting cultural and economical image of a country under the influence of the Soviet Union.

The level of detail of the maps and statistics is truly amazing and everyone interested in the country of Czechoslovakia will definately get immersed by it. Compared to it's precedessor - Atlas Republiky Československé from 1935 - this atlas contains considerably more data as most of the maps show boundaries of all villages and cities instead of just districts. Each map has also detailed information about the given topic printed on its verso in Czech, English and Russian language therefore it can also be enjoyed by non-czech speaking audience.


Very good condition, spine slightly rubbed on top and on the bottom. Otherwise very clean with no marks, pages are just like new.

57 large double-page maps
Width × Height
43,5 x 50,5
Total map area
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