Atlas de Cuba

Gerardo Canet & Erwin Raisz
Harvard University Press

Full title

Atlas de Cuba. Preparado el en Instituto de Exploraciónes Georgráficas de la Universidád de Harvard y publicádo en cooperación con el Ministerio del Agricultura de la República de Cuba

This is very unique atlas with a very low number of printed copies - second and definately hardest to come by atlas from Erwin Raisz, famous 20th century pioneer cartographer. It is by many considered as a first national atlas of Cuba, despite the fact the current establishment of Cuba deliberately ignores it, also due to fact it's author Gerardo Canet emigrated to USA after communistic revolution in 1959.

Erwin Raisz - a proffesor o cartography on Harvard University in cooperation with Gerardo Canet (Cuban cartographer who got a grant to spend 5 years in Harvard) published an atlas covering all important aspects of Cuba and it's history.

Table of contents:


The atlas is complete and in overall very good condition. The gilted letters on vinyl cover are moderately darkened (but can be cleaned). Endpapers very clean, pages are all clean as well. The spine is intact. Previous owner's name printend on a sticker on the front endpaper.

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