Vollstandiger Universal-Handatlas der Neueren Erdbeschreibung

Dr. Heinrich Berghaus
Verlag von C. Flemming, Glogau

Full title

Vollstandiger Universal-Handatlas der neueren Erdbeschreibung uber alle Theile der Erde in 114 Blattern

Fifth edition of large and rare world atlas supervised by Heinrich Berghaus, famous German cartographer and author of famous Physikalischer atlas. This name of this atlas could be translated as "Complete Atlas of the Newer Earth Description About All Parts of the Earth in 114 Sheets". The main focus of this atlas is Europe with around 70 maps, followed by 9 maps of Asia, 9 maps of Africa, 11 maps of North and Central America, 4 maps of South America and 3 maps of Australia and Pacific region. All maps have hand painted borders.

There are 8 foldable maps in the atlas: map of France (4 sheets), Spain and Portugal (4 sheets), Scandinavia (2 sheets), European Russia (4 sheets), Caucasus (2 sheets), North-eastern Africa (2 sheets) and United States (4 sheets). The foldable maps are attached to binding just like single sheet maps.

The atlas has a dedicated map of Texas, a state to which many Germans started to move in 1831.

All map sheets are numbered by hand.


Complete with all 144 maps in original cover. Cover and spine has scratches, otherwise it is fine and will last for decades. Title page and couple of maps are repaired (cut out and pasted on a blank sheet). Foldable maps are taped on a canvas and in great condition. Three maps are loose from binding. Atlas is missing a list of sheets but all maps were checked and are present.

114 maps
Width × Height
36 x 44
Total map area
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