Vollständiger Hand-Atlas der Neueren Erdbeschreibung, 4th edition

Karl Sohr, Heinrich Berghaus
C. Flemming, Glogau and Leipzig

Full title

Vollständiger Hand-Atlas der Neueren Erdbeschreibung über Alle Theile der Erde in 82 Blättern; herausgegeben von Dr. K. Sohr

The 4th edition of Sohr's Vollstandiger Hand-Atlas published by Carl Flemming publishing house in Glogau was the first edition that Heinrich Berghaus, author of the famous Physikalischer Atlas participated on ant therefore it is the first edition that could be called the "Sohr-Berghaus Hand-Atlas". This shortened name was later used as the primary name for the atlas family published by C. Flemming publishing house. Compared to the Vollständiger "Universal" Hand-Atlas, this version had "only" 82 maps instead of 114, but was often supplemented by additional maps based on the customer's preferences.

As usual for Sohr-Berghaus atlases, it focused heavily on Europe with 59 maps, followed by Asia (7 maps), America (5 maps), Asutralia and Pacific (2 maps) and Africa (1 map). There are also 3 religion maps (overview of Christian, Muslim and Buddhist countries), two world hemisphere maps, map of the solar system and a map of the norther sky. The central Europe region has a dedicated uncoloured physical map. The maps are somewhat inconsistent regarding their prime meridian, as many of the larger scale maps are using the Ferro prime meridian, the smaller scale maps using the Paris prime meridian and the map of England and Wales showing longitudes based on both Ferro and Greenwich prime meridian. The borders fn all maps were coloured by hand.

Most of the larger scale maps also provided a statistical information about countries and districts and their area and population, which was a unique feature among all atlases of the era. Several of the maps like the map of Switzerland, the map of Illyria kingdom or the map of Northern Italy with very elaborate terrain portrayal also provided a list of tallest mountains and highest mountain passes with heights in Paris feet.


Overall good - very good condition regarding the age. All 82 maps present. Some rubbing to the spine and corners, bottom part of the spine has a small tear. Several of the maps have moderate to strong yellowing. Some pages have foxing but nothing extreme or unusual. The map number 30 is loose.

82 maps
Width × Height
46 x 38
Total map area
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