Stielers Hand-Atlas, 6th edition

Adolf Stieler
Justus Perthes, Gotha

Full title

Handatlas über alle Theile der Erde und über das Weltgebäude, Herausgegeben von Adolf Stieler

This is rare 6th edition of famous and extraordinarily detailed Stielers Hand-Atlas with 89 double page photos + title page. This edition is the first one that reached the scientific level and showed an unsurpassed relief characteristic for Adolf Stieler - which can be seen best on a map #22 - Süd west Deutschland und Schweiz. Close examination of the maps also shows many interesting landmakrs and features like castles, forts, lighthouses, monasteries etc. that were usualy found only on large maps. The maps are somewhat oddly sorted - 4 stars and moon maps, 4 world maps, 2 maps of polar regions, 1 map of Atlantic, 2 maps of Mediterranean, 42 maps of Europe, 10 maps of Asia, 5 maps of Africa, 5 maps of Australia and Oceania and 13 maps of America (from which is 6 of USA). Most of the maps are hand painted, however few of them are printed in full and/or outline color. The title page has no date, but all maps have a year ranging from 1872- 1875 printed on the bottom.


Cover slightly marked with colour pencil (see photos), spine scratched a bit but otherwise intact (quite rare for this edition). Binding is solid however few last sheets are separated from the main block but still attached to back board (ask for more photos). Some foxing present as this is quite common with this edition - around 15 pages have heavier foxing similar to title page, the rest has minor to no foxing at all.

90 double page maps (incl. title page)
Width × Height
40 x 24
Total map area
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