Stielers Handatlas, 9th edition

Adolf Stieler
Justus Perthes of Gotha

Full title

Stielers Hand-Atlas: 100 Karten in Kupferstich mit 162 Nebenkarten herausgegeben Justus Perthes Geographischer Anstalt in Gotha, Neunte von Grunt Bearbeeitete und neugestochene auflage

Stielers HandatlasHand-Atlas über alle Theile der Erde und über das Weltgebäude (after Adolf Stieler, 1775–1836), formally titled Handy atlas of all parts of the world and of the universe, was the leading German world atlas of the last three decades of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. The ninth edition, edited by Habenicht, with one hundred maps, over double the number of the initial edition, was the first one printed on cylinder machines by means of lithography, which halved the price and made the Stieler accessible to a broad public. This atlas is popular for beginner collectors because of its affordability. It is less obtainable than the more common "Andrees Hand-Atlas".


Very condition, spine and leather corners very mildly rubbed. All maps present and very clean. Minor portion of the two corners of the copper plague chipped.

Width × Height
24.0 × 40.0
Total map area
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