Grosser Hand-Atlas des Himmels und der Erde

Heinrich Kiepert, C. und A. Graef, C. Bruhns, O. Deltsch
Weimar Geographisches Institut

Full title

Grosser Hand-atlas des Himmels und der Erde. 44te Auflage- 72 Blatt in Kupfertisch mit Farbendruck und Colorit

The size of this atlas is amazing. The map sheets are 68,5 cm wide and 57 cm high. The atlas consists of 70 mostly hand coloured double-page maps. It has a beautiful unique title page with engraved terrain map of the Thuringen area (the area where the atlas was being made). The atlas begins with 2 world maps (one in Mercator projection and one hemi-spheres), followed by 2 sheets containing 8 physical maps, and a sheet with a diagram of 8 mountain profiles. The primary focus of this atlas is German empire and Europe, which takes totaly two thirds of the whole atlas.


Complete, in very good condition considering the book is almost 150 years old. Binding is firm, no pages loose. No pages torn. Spine cover has some wear and minor tear about spreading circa 10 cm from the top but the remaining 80 % is still ok. Pages are browned on the edges and very occasionally have some brown age spots but generally speaking they are very clean. Overall very good condition particularly for this atlas.

70 double page maps
Width × Height
39.5 × 60.0
Total map area
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