Stielers Handatlas, 8th edition

Adolf Stieler
Justus Perthes, Gotha

Full title

Handatlas über alle Theile der Erde und über das Weltgebäude - mit 95 Karten

Stielers Handatlas was the leading German atlas of the second half of 19th century and first quarter of 20th century - "Handatlas über alle Theile der Erde und über das Weltgebäude" is rather popular german "Hand-atlas". It is valued among others for the realistic visual representation of relief, which is especially obvious on the map number 16 - The south-west Germany and Switzerland. Unlike for example Sohr-Berghaus Handatlas, which is mainly focused on Central Europe, Stielers Handatlas presents the whole world more evenly and many remote parts are shown in rather a high detail in mapy side maps.

It is actually really hard to imagine how much effort it took to produce each copy of this atlas. Most of its 95 double-page maps are copper engraved coloured by hand. Tihs must have made the atlas very expensive (my guess would be it was 20-40 times more expensive than todays atlases) and only affordable for a small percentage of society. Interestingly, today, when this atlas is almost 130 years old, may be more affordable than it was at the time of production.


Externally very well preserved copy besides one leather corner on the back board being stripped (see last photo). Map #1 - Nordlicher Stern.Himmel - missing (these maps can often be found separately online). Map #13 and #31 loose, otherwise all maps present and with no damage or other signs of use.

95 double page maps
Width × Height
26.0 × 38.5
Total map area
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